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Honest Insights into Animal Husbandry: MEGGLE Takes the Next Step with its Report

To strengthen the collaboration between the dairy factory MEGGLE and the milk farmers. With this aim MEGGLE has conducted a large-scaled survey.

Without the farmers, nothing would work at the MEGGLE site in Wasserburg. They are delivering the precious raw material milk for decades in the best quality. And that’s one of the reasons we have been listening even more closely to the opinions and needs of our milk producers – and will continue to do so in future. The results of a widespread survey are now being published in the first “Report on the Ethical Husbandry of Dairy Cows”.

We would like to present a few key figures to you here that are collected from more than 700 answers.:

  • 7 farms

now supply over one million kilograms (kg) of raw milk per year each; the average is 287,000 kg of raw milk per year and farm.

  • 20 per cent

of MEGGLE milk producers regularly make use of homeopathic remedies.

  • 41 dairy cows

is the average number kept on each MEGGLE milk producer’s farm.

  • 76 per cent

of MEGGLE milk producers attended further agricultural training in 2017.

  • 98 per cent

of MEGGLE milk producers have their cows’ hooves trimmed at least once per year, or perform this treatment themselves.


Alongside lots of positive findings, the Report does also point to some areas where there is room for improvement. First measures have already been implemented.

For the whole publication, please write a short mail to presse(at)meggle(dot)de (Report is only available in German).


MEGGLE policy for an appropriate animal care.

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