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Environment & Climate

MEGGLE was one of the first companies in the Bavarian dairy industry to integrate a certified Environmental Management System in the existing Quality Management System.

The careful use of natural resources is therefore a key component of our corporate culture. This philosophy has a name: the “MEGGLE Environmental Policy”, and it has been the bedrock of our activity since 1997. Our Environmental Management System, certified in accordance with International Standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, is audited every year by external auditors. It involves our employees, as well as suppliers and customers, motivating and obliging them to actively support our commitment. It clearly stipulates every duty, competency and responsibility. True to the motto “Everyone is an environmental officer”, our undertaking for the future is to further extend protection of the environment on every level of the company, and we regard implementing our environmental policy as an ongoing management responsibility. An Energy Management System was introduced in 2013 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 to continually improve the use of energy and energy efficiency.

“Careful management of the environment and use of the natural resources available” – what this means in practice for MEGGLE is that we constantly improve every production step in terms of raw material and product losses, waste and the use of energy. We prevent accident-related emissions through effective incident management and close contact with the authorities. Last but not least, when developing new products, introducing new processes and in our procurement system, company environmental aspects and preventive protection of the environment are always incorporated in our business decisions.

Research & Development

MEGGLE is a pioneer in processing milk and dairy products: that is why Research and Development are more than just a means to an end for us – they are our conviction and passion!

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