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The company maintains a constant focus on sustainability. Whilst working to preserve the company as a going concern, this also involves taking a balanced approach to serving the interests of both today's and tomorrow's generations in terms of quality of life and standard of living.

In practical terms, this means we not only consider the short-term effects of our decisions, but also look at their long-term outcomes in terms of economic viability, resource use and the environment, health of our dairy cows, our staff and society.

As one example, this means we strive to use naturally-occurring goods in a way that safeguards the livelihoods of future generations. We also assume responsibility for areas upstream of our production activities – particularly for our many milk producers and the quality and environmentally-conscious management of their businesses. We believe it is not enough to merely run a resource-aware quality management system and set out verifiable goals in an environmental policy. What really counts are the actions that we take. Examples of these include our exceptionally efficient energy, water and waste management systems, as well as the systematic review of environmental factors for investments, product development and in many areas of our daily working lives.

MEGGLE is also a socially-responsible enterprise. Examples include the MEGGLE Village, our training and CPD programmes, our funding of charitable, cultural and sporting institutions, and, last but not least, our donations to disaster relief in Japan after devastating earthquake in 2011 or support for landmine clearing projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Also relevant are the many voluntary activities engaged in by MEGGLE employees in clubs, associations and other organisations. After all, sustainability is not just a management-level matter: it is a task to be shared by the community and can only be effectively put into practice if we all work together.

"Sustainability is not just a management-level matter: It is a task to be shared by the whole community."

Sustainability Report

Read MEGGLE Groups new public sustainability report (period 2015-2019)

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MEGGLE policy for an appropriate animal care.

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