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Food Ingredients & Solutions

MEGGLE Food Ingredients & Solutions can draw on many years of experience, which it uses to our customers' advantage by accompanying their development or production work and creating tailor-made customer solutions. As one example, we work with our partners to devise specialised formulations and contribute our technological expertise as an effective component in the development process.

Helge Sadowski, Director of MEGGLE Food Ingredients & Solutions, explains: "We're increasingly developing 'ready-to-use' products – i.e. customer-oriented solutions – for many different applications. We're also creating functional compounds, too. Customers know their markets and their consumers. MEGGLE has the technology and the expertise to transform customer and consumer needs into a harmonious end product."

We only ever source the raw ingredients for manufacturing MEGGLE Food Ingredients & Solutions semi-finished goods and compounds from intact ecosystems. The end result is a premium-quality product with maximum functionality. Our most recent example in the dairy sector is CombiPro XB 001, a functional compound for the cost-optimised production of milk substitute products where milk is in short supply.

"MEGGLE Food Ingredients & Solutions has the technology and the expertise to transform customer and consumer needs into a perfect end product."

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Whether end-consumers or bulk consumers, the processing pharmaceutical industry or the food industry – customers the world over appreciate the high quality of our products and the success guarantee of MEGGLE products.

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