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MEGGLE AG, headquartered in Wasserburg near Munich, is the parent company that bundles the activities of our individual businesses within the group of milk and whey processing companies. This structure ensures flexibility whilst guaranteeing rapid decision-making and ensuring that MEGGLE AG embodies the traditional character of our dairy enterprise. Since globalisation offers opportunities and challenges in equal measure, we exploited our advantages in technology and expertise early on to drive targeted expansion in the international markets.

"At MEGGLE, all roads lead to Wasserburg: this promotes flexibility and rapid decision-making."

MI MEGGLE International was formed with the aim of further expanding international distribution of our functional powdered products. Its primary objective is to develop new corporate structures by working with all of the Group's partners. Our Japanese subsidiary, Tokyo-based MEGGLE Japan Co. Ltd., was formed as early as 1977. In no time at all, it developed to become Japan's biggest lactose supplier. Our presence in Vienna dates from 2002 and the formation of MEGGLE Intertrade GmbH. One year later, we responded to the strong demand for pharmaceutical-grade lactose in Asia by opening an office in Shanghai and establishing a subsidiary in Singapore. In the autumn of 2003, our Excipients & Technology business group entered into a joint venture with our Ukrainian partner, JV Interchem. This resulted in FormulaB, a centre of expertise for the research, development and design of solid drug dosage forms in Odessa, Ukraine. Our most recent addition is the distributorship MEGGLE Excipientes do Brasil Ltda., formed in 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil.

"With MI MEGGLE International, we can explore a world of possibilities."

At our head office in Wasserburg, we focus one hundred percent on the production of butter and speciality butters, convenience products for consumers, products tailored to the hospitality market, as well as functional powdered products for the food, pharmaceutical and animal feed industries. This constitutes the core business of the MEGGLE Group.

"Our core business is centred on the birthplace of our company."

Headquartered in Wasserburg, this subsidiary has a strategic significance all of its own: it is responsible for opening up the emerging Eastern European markets and thus securing MEGGLE a highly promising position in a key growth region. Each individual company is run by a local team of managers with detailed knowledge of the conditions in the relevant region. Our biggest branch in Eastern Europe is the dairy business Rajo a.s. in Bratislava, Slovakia. Here we produce our "white" range, i.e. fruit yoghurts, milk, cottage cheese and cream, as well as milk-based beverages. Our Bihac plant rose to prominence in 2004 when it became the first dairy in Bosnia to be awarded DIN ISO 9001 certification. This was the first step in the process of importing food from Bosnia into the European Union. Other MEGGLE production sites in Eastern Europe include Osijek (Croatia), Kragujevac (Serbia), Rrogozhinë (Albania) and Shumen (Bulgaria).

"You need sound knowledge of the markets to share in the growth of Eastern Europe."

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