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Animal Welfare: MEGGLE enables more Consultations

Dr. Franz Mayer, Director and at MEGGLE responsible for the business unit raw material purchasing.

The dairy company MEGGLE intensifies its efforts for an improved animal welfare with a new offer. Farmers, who still rely on a traditional use of tethers, receive an independent consultation for an animal-friendly husbandry. MEGGLE bears the costs for this popular offer.

The dairy farmers and their milk cows play an important role for MEGGLE. For decades the milk producers have been delivering the precious raw material milk in a very high quality. To improve and develop the animal welfare MEGGLE has started in 2018 to offer special consultations for the farmers.

Independent experts of LKV (federal institution) visit the milk producers` farms. They review the current keeping situation in the stables and give constructive improvement suggestions for an even better animal husbandry. Also details, for example the placement of drinking troughs and the brightness, are checked.

The professionals show cost-effective and simple measures that improve the animal welfare in a sustainable way. Farmers can learn more about the advantages of cow keeping in special loose barns. Even though about 70 percent of the MEGGLE milk cows are held in those barns, a few dairy farmers still rely on a traditional keeping.

We would like to reach the maximum of our current situation in animal welfare. We do this in responsibility for 30,000 milk cows, whose milk we need for our products”, says Dr. Franz Mayer, Director and responsible for the business unit raw material purchasing. The consultation session takes about five hours, MEGGLE is bearing the costs of 300 Euros per farmer. About 200 dairy farmers took the opportunity in 2018, 200 more will have the chance to get this offer in 2019.

In 2017 the family company MEGGLE has established increasing its efforts for a better exchange with the dairy farmers. In a special task force current issues in the field of animal welfare are being discussed. A broad survey is just one of the result of this collaboration.

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