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Schaeffler dance at MEGGLE

Wasserburg's Schaeffler performed their dance at the MEGGLE factory site.

It is an old tradition in the region around Munich: The dance of the so called Schaeffler (the former guild of barrel makers). March 3rd 2019, the Schaeffler visited MEGGLE and performed for honorary member Toni Meggle and the employees at the site in Wasserburg.

This Schaeffler’s tradition goes back to the year 1517. In this time some parts of Europe as e.g. Munich still have been suffering from the plague. The dances of the barrel makers should bring the citizens back to the streets. Their aim was to give the people new courage to face life after the black plague.

Today, 25 participants belong to a Schaeffler group. The dancers wear red tailcoats, black trousers, white stockings and a bright leather apron. Following the tradition, the Schaeffler perform their dances every seven years. In 2019 the Schaeffler season had started at January 6th – on March 5th they were performing their final dance. The Schaeffler will move through the streets of the region in 2026 again.

Therefore it has been one of the last chances for the MEGGLE colleagues to see an appearance in this Schaeffler season. After the performance, the MEGGLE management invited the Schaeffler for lunch into the MEGGLE canteen.

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