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50,000 Euros For Brave Entrepreneurs

Courage and innovation will be rewarded: that was the slogan when Toni and Marina Meggle presented the MEGGLE Young Enterprise Award to successful company founders from around the region on 19 October. The award, already in its seventh year, not only provides a platform for the winners to garner attention for their efforts, it also sees plenty of cash up for grabs – 50,000 euros in total. A record number of applications were submitted in 2018.

As the entrepreneurs who had been nominated filed into Wasserburg Town Hall that Friday afternoon, there was a certain feeling of tension, but also joyful anticipation in the air. The large hall had been decorated wonderfully, providing a space that was more than worthy of playing host to the event. A really varied programme awaited the invited guests too, culminating in the announcement of the three winners of the MEGGLE Young Enterprise Award.

 Despite the large number of professional submissions received this year, the jury's decision was unanimous: GmbH from Mühldorf am Inn impressed the panel with its business model and picked up first place in the MEGGLE Young Enterprise Award 2018. In a nutshell, provides software solutions that help customers manage and organise their images and videos. Nowadays, when more and more data is being generated all the time, this application from the Mühldorf-based firm is bringing more order and structure. has come up with a strong service, which authorised users can access securely from anywhere in the world.

 The jury saw great potential in this business model, as spokesman of the judging panel Gerd Maas explained in his laudatory speech: “It combines a long-term, promising business idea with exemplary market development.” The company founders, all from Mühldorf, Andreas Gölkel, Richard Michel and Christoph Trautbeck were also recognised for offering real efficiency gains. The jury felt confident about the firm's future too, thanks to the “positive and strong way in which it is developing its employees and its sales”. The team from Mühldorf now have 25,000 euros in prizemoney to work on their business idea even further.

Laternixvfrom Traunstein took second place in this year's MEGGLE Young Enterprise Award. Founder and managing director Michael Härtl works together with his team to provide cities and local authorities with more energy-efficient street lighting. In these LED lighting systems, he is creating sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that are fit for the future, since Laternix technology facilitates potential savings of up to 80 per cent. The jury rewarded this brave entrepreneur with second place and a prize of 15,000 euros.

  Gackerl, an advocaat-type mixed drink, managed to win third place. The Riedl family from Baiern (in the district of Ebersberg) run a farm with around 5,000 hens, whose fresh eggs are mixed with other ingredients to produce Gackerl, a somewhat “lighter” kind of advocaat with a lower alcohol content. As well as the product itself, the judges were particularly impressed by the innovative packaging: little jars that come in egg boxes. The company received 10,000 euros in prizemoney from the MEGGLE Young Enterprise Award.

 But there was lots more on the agenda for the evening's emcee, Dr phil. Sonja Lechner MA, to guide the audience through before it was time to actually present the prizes. After host Toni Meggle gave his welcome address, it was the turn of Prof. Dr Dr h.c. mult. Hans-Werner Sinn. The former president of the ifo Institute and professor at LMU (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) referred to a “Europe going through a dramatic change” in his speech.

 The economist said Germany is doing better financially than it has for quite some time and the country is experiencing a real construction boom. However, Sinn worries about whether the European Union will survive, and thinks various factors are responsible for this, including Donald Trump (“a President who is throwing the world into turmoil”), the new government in Italy, but also Brexit, which is scheduled to take place next March. Sinn is still hoping there will be “a miracle” that will enable the United Kingdom to remain part of the EU after all.

 There followed an on-stage discussion between Sinn and Prof. Dr med. Bruno Meiser, Head of the Transplant Centre Munich at LMU and member of the supervisory board of MEGGLE AG. It may have been an unusual combination to see an economist and a doctor together up there, but it certainly worked, as Dr Sonja Lechner noted in her closing remarks.

 But after this discussion, the focus returned to the company founders – and firstly, to last year's prize-winners. They were able to report on lots of progress since last year already, some involving small steps and some rather giant leaps. As well as the prizemoney itself, the widespread media coverage had been worth its weight in gold to the young entrepreneurs too, attracting even more attention to their businesses.

 And then it was almost time to present the Young Enterprise Award 2018. Films showcasing the nominees were played back. The moment of truth had arrived: and for Gackerl, Laternix and it was a great moment indeed. Between them, the entrepreneurs won over 50,000 euros. Just like the slogan said, their courageous ideas and innovative products or services were rewarded!

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