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„With the foundation, I am ensuring that the MEGGLE group of companies will remain a medium-sized company in the long term."

The sole owner, Toni Meggle, contributed his shares to the Toni Meggle Foundation in 2019. This secured the continued existence and independence of the MEGGLE group of companies.

"In the foundation's articles of association, I have explicitly and irreversibly decreed that the company may not be sold," Toni Meggle emphasised in October 2019 at an extraordinary staff meeting with the employees from Wasserburg. "In this way, I ensure that the group of companies remains a medium-sized company in the long term".

As Chairman of the Foundation's Executive Board, Toni Meggle continues to play a significant role in the management and further development of the MEGGLE Group with his great experience and entrepreneurial flair. He is actively supported in this by his wife, Marina Meggle. As Deputy Chairwoman of the Foundation's Executive Board, she is her husband's closest advisor, assists him in all important strategic decisions and has made a decisive contribution to the positive development of recent years.

Toni Meggle
Chairman of Board Toni Meggle Foundation

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