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Markus Asböck

MFP Production Manager

Born: 1982
Start date: 1998
Department: Production for MEGGLE Food Preparation (MFP)

Why did you choose MEGGLE?
After thoroughly enjoying a taster course, I decided to do vocational training with MEGGLE.

What is your professional background?
Vocational training as a dairy specialist and further training as a dairy technician.

What are your areas of responsibility at MEGGLE?
Production and personnel planning, as well as the monitoring of production in all relevant areas (time scale, quality, costs, etc.).

What has been your highlight to date at MEGGLE?
The foreign secondment with RAJO in Bratislava, as well as my trip to a culture seminar in Israel (2 weeks, 2001).

What makes MEGGLE stand out for you?
MEGGLE is a company that has created an excellent reputation for itself over decades, both nationally and internationally, thanks to the high quality of its products. Due to the product range in almost all segments within the dairy industry, both here in Wasserburg, as well as in mainly Eastern European locations, MEGGLE is well-equipped to face the future.

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