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Josef List

Head of Energy Supplies

Born: 1957
Start date: 18th February 1980
Department: Power Plant

Why did you choose MEGGLE?
It's an innovative company with a good reputation and a pleasant working environment.

What is your professional background?
I trained to become an electrician and took advantage of the opportunities for promotion MEGGLE could give me.

What are your areas of responsibility at MEGGLE?
Ensuring that the company is supplied with the necessary steam, electricity, compressed air, warm water, process water and caustic soda in sufficient quantities and also in the required quality. Monitoring of compliance with legal requirements, as well as being the emissions trading officer.

What has been your highlight to date at MEGGLE?
Being promoted from the role of deputy power station manager to the head of energy supplies.

What makes MEGGLE stand out for you?
The company is open to the world and has a family-run structure. It practices sustainability.

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