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Gregor Jahn

Project Manager

Born: 1964
Start date: September 1996
Department: Product Development Unit Savoury & Sweet / Business Group Food Systems

Why did you choose MEGGLE?
The possibilities of developing new products. At that time, it was mainly about products for the meat industry.

What is your professional background?
Studies: State-certified food technician
Previous employment fields: Investigation office, development and laboratory management – additives, developments in application technology.

What are your areas of responsibility at MEGGLE?
Developing new products for the sector: Processed cheese, processed cheese preparation, food preparation and compounds for their production.

What has been your highlight to date at MEGGLE?
Establishing the MEGGLE Food Preparation division.

What makes MEGGLE stand out for you?
Variety (always new developments), as well as the opportunity to test out completely new ideas.

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