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Our Business Units

Consumers all over the world value the high quality and the enjoyable taste of MEGGLE products. Both are based on 135 years of experience and the associated know-how from dealing with the precious raw materials milk and whey.

Different markets – different needs. The MEGGLE Business Unit Consumer Products meets those needs, satisfying customers’ wishes in tune with the specific requirements of the individual country and market. Our product range is extremely wide. Whether cream, butter specialties, yogurts and desserts, cheese and spreads or our chilled baguettes – in addition to our classic products Premium Butter and the original herb butter. In all countries of the world, we stand for highest quality. Convince yourself:



“Best raw materials, passion and experience – with these ingredients MEGGLE products become a pure pleasure.”

For many years now, professional caterers working in community catering, hotels, restaurants and general catering have been relying on our efficient Foodservice, part of the MEGGLE Business Unit Consumer Products, and for a good reason: as the inventor of the butter portion and the market leader in butter specialities, we have incomparable experience and expertise which we put to the best use for our customers. In addition to butter and the great variety of butter preparations, the MEGGLE range also comprises different products from the business area of cream. What distinguishes our range and what our wholesale partners can always rely on are high-quality products, clear and easily comprehensible customer benefits, outstanding taste and good value for money.

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“As the inventor of the butter portion and the market leader in butter specialities, we have incomparable expertise.”

Our MEGGLE Business Unit Excipients is a valued partner of the pharmaceutical industry. Having been in the market for more than 70 years, we have developed a multifaceted product portfolio: besides excipients for granulating and capsule filling, it also encompasses state-of-the-art special products for the direct compression of tablets and dry powder inhalers. We are the world leader in the distribution of lactose and co-processed excipients thanks to our outstanding product quality and clever innovations. MEGGLE pharmaceutical lactose, for instance, is used as a carrier substance in many medicines. It has a totally neutral effect within the human organism and causes no undesirable interactions with other substances in the medicaments.

We manufacture our products in ultramodern facilities around the clock and already exceed the applicable quality standards. We are in constant contact with many scientific institutions around the world to enable us to supply our customers with the best products for their application.

The MEGGLE Business Unit Excipients operates in more than 100 countries through authorised agents, all of whom are integrated into our global cGMP/GDP system. Our customers are predominantly manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and food supplements. The functionality of our products is valued in many technical industrial applications as well as in the cosmetics industry.

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“The pharmaceutical industry has been relying on our products and know-how for over 70 years.”

The MEGGLE Business Unit Food Ingredients develops, produces and sells op­timum solutions for the processing food industry in the segments Dairy, Nutrition, Savoury, Bakery & Sweet, as well as special products for individual requirements. The portfolio is completed by various single ingredients such as Lactose, WPC, Casein, Caseinate, Protein-enriched Whey Powder and Buttermilk Powder. Our team works closely with Business-to-Business customers to develop and customize solutions according to current consumer needs.

Our product segments:


Our functional milk protein compounds are used to stabilise dairy products. Our many years of know-how and in-house production with high-quality raw materials guarantee the greatest possible quality of the products.

Common Applications:

  • Yoghurt and sour milk products
  • Cream Cheese & Dairy Spreads
  • Processed Cheese
  • Milk based beverages


For the segment Nutrition, we offer functional milk proteins, milk protein compounds and fat powders with nutritionally valuable properties.

Common Applications:

  • Energy bars
  • Protein enriched dairy products
  • Sports nutrition
  • Protein shakes
  • Nutritional meals


Our highly functional products also ensure a stable production process for savoury applications. Our comprehensive product range includes fat powders, protein-enriched whey powders and functional compounds, and offering technical solutions for a wide range of applications.

Common Applications:

  • Cooked, scalded and raw sausage
  • Processed meat products & cooked ham
  • Soups and sauces
  • Dressings and mayonnaises


Standardisierte hochfunktionelle Compounds und Rohstoffe veredeln Backwaren, süße Anwendungen, Desserts und Heißgetränke. Unsere Zutaten bieten Funktionalität und garantieren einen stabilen und effizienten Prozessablauf.

Common Applications:

  • Kuchenfüll- und Dekorationscreme
  • Backemulgatoren
  • Eiersatz und Eireduktion
  • Glanzstreichmittel
  • Kalt- und Füllcremes
  • Heißgetränke

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The MEGGLE Business Unit Feed Ingredients is specialised in the production of partially delactosed whey powders. The combination of many years of experience and the latest scientific knowledge enables us to produce and distribute high-quality products for the feed industry.

What are partially delactosed whey powders?

Partially delactosed whey powders provide a high-quality protein source for animals. They are ideal components for use in the milk replacer and blends for the feed industry and can also be optimally used in pet and small animal feeds.

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“MEGGLE stands for high quality, flexibility and total reliability.”

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Environment & climate

For MEGGLE, treating nature with care is a key component of our corporate culture.


The group of companies

The structure of our group of companies ensures flexibility and guarantees rapid decisions – and, at the same time, it represents the traditional character of the dairy.


Social commitment

MEGGLE is involved in the social environment of its company locations – not only in the region around our head office in Wasserburg, but the world over in every area in which we operate. 

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